Over time, wooden garage doors may crack, warp and become misaligned. Doors made of other materials may dent, crack or otherwise lose their luster. As a result, the largest moving part of your house may become unsightly, drafty and/or difficult to lift. These are signs that you may need your current garage door and system replaced.

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Most garage doors are controlled by switches on the garage wall, as well as by remote controls carried in the garage owner's cars or on key chains.

A malfunctioning garage door can be quite dangerous, as a common action by owners is to activate the quick release mechanism in order to operate the door manually. But once the door is disconnected from the motor the door can start moving downward and injure a person standing under it.


Garage doors have 300 independent parts and the failure of any one component could seriously damage the entire door. Your garage door is essentially a moving wall that requires annual maintenance just like your car or truck. When neglected, premature failure of your moving parts can occur, resulting in costly repairs and/or major inconveniences requiring emergency services.

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Garage doors are a big investment in the style and comfort of your home. Your garage doors can account for up to 30 percent of the exterior portion of what is visible from the street. The style, color and condition of the door has a big influence on the overall appearance and curb appeal. Let Open & Closed Garage Doors help you with your next garage door installation in Thornton, garage door repair service in Thornton (and surrounding areas), or garage door replacement.

  • Broken Springs(s)
  • Broken Operators(s)
  • Panel Replacement
  • Cable/Chain Off Track
  • Loud Rollers/Noises
  • Safety Sensors
  • Track Repair/Adjustments
  • Tune Ups


Garage Door Repair Service in Thornton, CO & Surrounding Areas

Common Problems

People are faced with numerous options and choices when faced with the decision of choosing the best possible garage door for their place of living. Before rushing into a rash purchase there are several factors which should always be taken into account that will influence your choice of product when it comes to selecting a garage door.

The style and appearance of the door is key, as most homeowners will naturally want to select a product that is consistent with their homes overall decor, period styling and aesthetic.



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